I started a game but no truck appeared, what’s up? You need to make sure player’s have been recognized in the menu. Press one of the WASD buttons in the menu and try again!

Can I give you feedback, input or suggestions? Sure! You are welcome to post all of your thoughts on our subreddit.

What does ‘alpha’ mean? It means that the game is not feature complete and that radical changes may or may not happen before the final release.

How many player’s does Funklift support? Up to four players can play simultaneously.

What game modes are there? The current version features a cooperative and a Player versus Player mode.

What controllers are compatible with the game? Funklift has been tested to work with the controllers for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with DS4Tool.

Can I edit the controls? You can change the input mapping in the Unity launcher, but we can’t guarantee how the game will play if you do. Please share your experiences!

Can I play with the keyboard? Yes, but only one player. The rest will require controllers. The default controls are: W, A, S, D for steering, arrow keys up/down for the forks, Space to jump, F to honk and hold R to respawn.

Sweet, but can I play this with my friends? Absolutely, you’ll need USB compatible controllers (see features above). Four controllers or three controllers plus keyboard should work fine.

The game won’t detect my hand controller 🙁 If you play with a hand controller, the controller(s) must be plugged in before you start the .exe or it won’t be recognized!